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The Power of Learning as an Assistant

I, like a lot of people, accidentally fell in to being a PA. I floated along in my job, for several years. I did my hours in the office, I got the job done and received positive feedback, but for a long time I did not consider my role as a PA as a career. What changed? I fell in love with learning.

It started after I attended the PA Show in London. It was packed full of various speakers covering all manner of topics.  That day changed my life by altering my outlook on learning and career development as a PA. I came away after with pages of notes, books to read up on, new connections, events to research and most importantly feeling wholly and utterly inspired. And since that day, I’ve embraced a new mindset of ‘learning for life’. I’ve joined networking organisations, I have a PA Coach, I’ve attended webinars, bought books, paid for courses, read magazines and listened to podcasts and even started this blog -  something which I never thought I would do.

The world is in constant change and we need to keep furthering our knowledge to keep up and stay relevant.  As PA, we have wonderfully unique roles which do not fit into a neatly defined career path.  So, if you want to focus on your professional development YOU need to take charge of that. You need to make it happen.

Have a read of my blog, The Power of Learning as an Assistant I wrote for The Assistants Room which discusses the importance of learning & professional development in our roles and all the benefits that come with it.


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