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What is mentoring all about?

Mentoring is two people, (a Mentor, me and Mentee, you), engage in regular conversations to support professional development and growth. Mentoring conversations can cover all manner of topics and can help the mentee achieve their career goals. This may be done by challenging mentees to think about situations in a different way, the mentor offering advice on a new approach, sharing tools and templates with the mentee and offering support, championing the mentee to achieve their goals.

Why am I a mentor?

  • Because I LOVE having developmental conversations - I get a real buzz from them.

  • Because I LOVE seeing other people succeed and achieve their goals.

  • Because there is not enough focus on personal development for PA/EA’s.

Mentoring: Coaching


Mentoring: Testimonials

I couldn't recommend Ann-Marie highly enough as a mentor.

I've come out of the other end with an abundance of knowledge and resources that I didn't have before. Ann-Marie has been an absolute cheerleader for my career, as well as my personal goals - supporting me through a crazy amount of change and encouraging me to be consistent with my self-development and reflective of my progression and achievements. I cannot express how beneficial this has been.

Siobhan Murray

Is there a cost involved?

Nope! I don’t charge anything for this.  I do it simply because I love talking to people and helping them to flourish.

What next?

If this sounds good to you then reach out to me on LinkedIn and we can have an informal 20–30-minute Microsoft Teams or zoom conversation to discuss

Please note that in order to provide a high-quality experience, I only take on a limited number of mentees at a time.

Mentoring: Coaching
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